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Speed Control

Data sheet

Format: PDF

Size: 200,2 KB


  • Regulates the speed of 12V-DC-fans up to 18W relating to the temperature
  • Small dimensions
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Safe start-up of fans at operating voltage
  • Saver operation of fans at low temperature because of reversal control
  • Emergency operation in case of short circuit or intermittence of sensor-lead
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Simple, solid mounting with double adhesive pad.


  • Small dimensions of 13x42,5x7mm or 18x57x7mm
  • Operating voltage 12VDC
  • Sensor integrated (VARP01) or external (VARP02)
  • Output current 0,1A (VARP01) or 1,5A (VARP02)
  • Slight -no load current-, therefore well suited for battery operated applications
  • Optional with leads and connector