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Automotive Industry

Fans used in the automotive industry by SEPA EUROPE

Fans are an indispensable item in modern vehicles. They are used not only in the ventilation and heating of the vehicle but also in the cooling of diverse electronic assemblies.

The multifunctional navigation device that also comprises entertainment and various other functions is the most renowned application of modern compact fans. Reliability over a wide temperature range and noise are the most important keywords when choosing these fans. Fans have also found their way into LED headlights where they not only cool high-performance LEDs but also ventilate the headlights to avoid the risk of condensing humidity. 

The fans of SEPA EUROPE are suitable for many applications in the automotive sector – on the one hand the classical axial fan that has proved itself millions of times over and on the other the compact radial fan.

SEPA EUROPE can develop and produce the best possible ready-for-connection cooling solution in cooperation with the customer by adapting it to the space requirements of the corresponding application.

Products for automotive systems: