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Fans used in aviation technology by SEPA EUROPE

Fans can not only be found in ground-based vehicles but also in aviation both in the cockpit and in the passenger and freight area.

High-performing blowers are not only used in the cockpit for cooling the screens and the corresponding electronics. Various fan systems are used in the control computers usually located underneath the cockpit for cooling the computer and the racks.

In general aviation, ventilated tablet mounts give the pilots the security they require, by ensuring that the devices do not reduce their performance due to excessive heat or even a switch off.

Passengers today enjoy an extensive, in-flight entertainment directly from their seat. In order for this to function correctly, the corresponding electronics rely on fans.

The fanks of SEPA EUROPE can be found in selected applications of the aviation industry. High temperature ranges, reliability and mechanical stability are required as is the fire behaviour of the materials used.


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