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Chip coolers by SEPA EUROPE for efficient Peltier cooling

Optimum heat output on the hot side of a Peltier element is required to achieve an efficient Peltier cooling. The extremely flat heat sinks and fans of SEPA EUROPE ensure the best possible cooling in the smallest possible space!

The medical technology industry cannot function without highly developed electronics. Intelligent controls and drives determine to a great extent their performance. The demands on the components are extremely high and the devices can only function optimally with the best possible thermal management. Peltier elements are increasingly being used for this purpose.

Optimum heat output on the hot side of a Peltier element is required to achieve efficient Peltier cooling. For this purpose, SEPA EUROPE offers a series of extra flat chip coolers that are equipped with aluminium heat sinks and highly durable fans for improving the cooling capacity. The HZ25B05 which is a smart combination of heat sink and micro fan is a particularly popular chip cooler for this application. With its dimensions of 25x25x6.5 mm it makes cooling possible even in the smallest space. As the HZ25B05 can be installed in every position, it is also recommended for mobile medical devices. Thanks to its low noise level, it is extremely popular in medical technology.

In order to achieve the optimum size and heat dissipation, we can also offer customer-specific dimensions and designs. Planning ahead during the initial design of your product will make a significant difference to the success of your device. SEPA EUROPE’s cooling experts will gladly give you their support.