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Embedded Systems

Fans for products used in embedded systems by SEPA EUROPE

Embedded systems, in other words embedded computers have become indispensable in the 21st century. You can find them not only in offices (copiers) but also in production plants throughout the world. They function discreetly in metrological systems, in robot controls and in all automated processes and in doing so they pave the way for productivity and competitiveness.

The performance of these systems has multiplied over the last 20 years and in consequence also the demand for space-saving, reliable and effective cooling solutions.

The so-called active coolers – a combination of heat sink and fan can be regarded as the key to success in the accomplishment of these tasks. SEPA EUROPE offers a wide variety of individual components that can be combined with one another in numerous different ways and thus meet the customer’s requirements in every respect.

Products for embedded systems: