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Lighting Technology

Fans for products used in lighting technology by SEPA EUROPE

When we talk about lighting then it is inevitably a question of either LED or OLED. The diode has triumphed over the filament and even the acceptance by the users has continued to increase over the past years. Strong light colours, long life expectancy and the low energy requirements are the unbeatable advantages of this technology. However, whereas the energetic superiority of LED and OLED virtually comes automatically, considerable investment must be made in thermal management to fulfil the demands on the colour values and the service life. Only well cooled diodes can keep what they have promised in the long run.

Our product range not only includes passive heat sinks but also numerous actively cooled elements. SEPA EUROPE already supplies its customers with fans adapted to the respective application and in two cases with special waterproof fans. As a reliable partner with long-years of experience, we look forward to giving potential customers the assistance they require when selecting their fan, the design and series production.

Products for Lighting Technology: