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Microfans by SEPA EUROPE for exhaled breath analysis

Exhaled breath analysis for real-time analysis of composite exhaled biomarkers, with the SpiroNose including the sensor fan MF15A05.

Exhaled breath contains hundreds of molecules (Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs) in gas-phase that are produced during physiological processes in the body. Diseases and illnesses influence normal physiological processes of the body and as a result, they change the composition of VOCs in exhaled breath.

The Dutch company Breathomix has developed BreathBase®. BreathBase is a combination of an easy-to-use eNose, the SpiroNose® and a constantly growing online reference database coupled with an AI-powered platform, which allow real-time, on-site analysis of composite exhaled biomarkers. The SpiroNose is able to reliably rule out a COVID-19 infection. Breathomix is committed to developing a quick and non-invasive breath test for clinical applications such as COVID-19 screening.

In its applications the SpiroNose® monitors the ambient air, which requires a regulated airflow. The sensor fan MF15A05 by SEPA EUROPE in the dimensions 15x15x8 mm is virtually predestined for this application and because it is a real space saver, it was possible to house four MF15A05 in the device. The microfans supply the sensor in the device with the ambient air at the same moment while the patient breaths through the SpiroNose. Despite its compact size, the MF15A05 has a flow rate of up to 10 l/min and is pleasantly quiet thanks to its aerodynamic design.

Microfans by SEPA EUROPE are equipped with the reliable Magfix® sleeve bearings and have a service life expectancy of up to 210 000 h. Thanks to the optional tacho output the speed can be continuously monitored.

SEPA EUROPE has a long-time experience as fan expert in medical technology and can guarantee that fans are reliably and promptly delivered over a longer period of time.