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02.03.2021 - Radial Fan LY60B – merely 12.5 mm high but unbelievably powerful

The demands on thermal management in electronic components are continuously increasing and their cooling remains a key challenge. The new LY60B radial fan by SEPA EUROPE comes at exactly the right time. It operates reliably wherever power is required and space is limited.

The newcomer of SEPA EUROPE is an excellent cooler for flat housings or for blowing onto fine meshed heat sinks (processor cooling). It conveys up to 11m3 air per hour with up to 110 Pa pressure in extreme cases.

The LY60B blower with air intake on both sides is available in 5V and 12V. All models have a tacho output and the 5V version also has a PWM input. The most significant features of this fan are its reliability and durability – thanks to the tried-and-tested MagFix® bearing system its service life expectancy at °C is an impressive 210 000 h.

A further outstanding feature is the ingress protection (IP).  As the PCB has a protective finish, the LY60B can be supplied with IP 55. As specialists for customized electronics cooling with over 30 years of experience, we would be pleased to provide you with a customized fan solution.

24.11.2020 - SEPA EUROPE rethinks heat sinks - the 3DQler

SEPA EUROPE and APWorks are cooperating in the form of a joint project. The target is to achieve a higher cooling capacity per volume. The result speaks for itself. Thanks to this close cooperation we are in a position to offer tailor-made cooling solutions to a wide range of customers.

The chip cooler of the HXB series by SEPA EUROPE is a compact combination of fan and heat sink comprising a pin-fin heat sink (Kühligel) and appropriate mounted fan. This attractively priced combination is ideal and provides an adequate cooling capacity for many applications. But the development engineers at SEPA EUROPE wanted to go further and this pushing ahead marked the birth of the 3DQler.

The cooperation with the experts of APWORKS provided the decisive impulse. Due to the metal 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, APWORKS is in the position to produce geometrically highly complex heat sinks. We were able, for example, to optimize the pin-fin heat sinks of SEPA EUROPE and can now fill the gap that the standard cooling solutions can no longer fill. Without having to change the external dimensions or make the fan more powerful, the additively manufactured version can be realized with 30% more efficient cooling. For some power-hungry yet extremely compact systems this is ultimately the systemically significant cooler.

With the 3DQler, SEPA EUROPE and APWORKS have developed a modern and active cooling concept that offers numerous advantages: Freedom of design with regard to installation space and a reduction of the manufacturing costs. In combination with the axial fans of SEPA EUROPE, the 3DQler is also a reliable product with an extremely high service life that enables accurate positioning and thus effective cooling not only of hot spots.

The 3DQler is yet again an excellent example for the continuous development of products at SEPA EUROPE.

28.09.2020 - 30 years of innovative cooling solutions – SEPA EUROPE celebrates its anniversary

30 years of innovative cooling solutions – SEPA EUROPE celebrates its anniversary

SEPA EUROPE is a specialist for electronics cooling and convinces its customers with its wide range of fans and accessories and is furthermore a competent partner when it comes to the development of customized solutions. For SEPA EUROPE 2020 is a very special year because it is celebrating its 30th anniversary and the family-owned enterprise can look back on a remarkable success story.

Although the company anniversary celebration was postponed for better days to come, the date remains unaltered. 30 years ago, Heinrich Cap launched the compact SEPA fans on the European market and thus laid the foundation stone for today’s SEPA EUROPE GmbH. The product portfolio has since been continuously expanded to include innovations such as the RaAxial fan, the Eco fan or the “Kühligel”. SEPA EUROPE was also able to further expand its market position over the last three decades by specializing in products, e.g. micro fans or slimline radial fans.

„30 years presence on the market is proof that we have a healthy balance between growth and stability“ says Robert Cap. „The ever-changing market of the electronics industry
demands adaptability, the readiness to try something new and at the same time partnerships that you can rely on.“

Both Managing Directors, Heinrich and Robert Cap thank not only their customers, suppliers and partners for their cooperation over the last 30 years, but also all their employees. „To found a company means giving it a base and roots to build on but to develop it to a successful enterprise requires a committed team“.

The founder, Heinrich Cap looks back proudly on the last 30 years: „The vision of developing SEPA EUROPE to a successful brand has been fulfilled. Today, we are an up-and-coming company with ambitious goals for the coming years and we would like to achieve them together with our customers.“

17.06.2020 - SEPA EUROPE extends its range of RaAxial fans

SEPA EUROPE extends its range of RaAxial fans

This new generation of fans is extremely economical and exceptionally quiet

Even the micro fan MF17B05 from the RaAxial range was a true innovation simply because it can be used not only as an axial fan but also as a radial fan. The micro fan has now a „big brother“– the LF40E05.

The LF40E05 provides numerous possibilities for embedded applications. It can be used
either as an axial fan with integrated finger guard or as a radial fan in combination with a heat sink. Together with a matching Kühligel® the flat cooling units have a height of approx. 12 mm. In other words, they are ideal for compact applications.

In order to achieve the optimum size and heat dissipation, customized dimensions and shapes can be realized. The new model with its 0.15 W power input during operation, is extremely economical with regard to its diverse application possibilities. And that’s not all, the new RaAxial fan has aerodynamically optimized blades that have a significant effect on the noise behaviour. The LF40E05 is thus exceptionally quiet.

Thanks to the tried and tested MagFix® system, the LF40E05 is a reliable fan with a service life of 400 000 h (MTBF).


03.04.2020 - SEPA EUROPE presents the latest 60 mm fan series

SEPA EUROPE presents the latest 60 mm fan series

Based on the axial fan series MFB60B that has been extremely successful for many years on the market, SEPA EUROPE is now presenting a powerful upgrade with its PLB60B series.

The fans of the PLB60B series, with the dimensions 60x60x15 mm have an optimized blade geometry that enables a maximum flow rate of 28 m³/h. The new SEPA fans set new standards in their class and are suitable for reliable CPU cooling in a broad range of applications.

The robust ball bearing system guarantees a long service life of 70.000 h L10 and 550.000 h MTBF at 40 °C and ensures a safe and smooth operation over many years.

The fail-safe axial fans are available in the operating voltages 5, 12 and 24.  A PWM input with which the speed can be adjusted according to requirements is an available option.