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Chip Cooler HX40P – powerful active cooling of high-performance LEDs

The new Kühligel® HX40P has a high service life and a remarkable thermal resistance that is 25% lower than the comparable chip cooler model.

LED lighting can be found in shops, hotels, office buildings, churches, museums, cars, streets, public transport and many other areas of daily life. As is the case with other light sources, LEDs not only produce light but they also generate heat that requires dissipating. Thanks to their compact dimensions, modern cooling concepts equipped with chip coolers by SEPA EUROPE enable completely new lighting possibilities and considerably improve the environmental balance due to their low maintenance requirements.

The service life of an LED depends directly on its temperature. Exceeding the maximum permissible temperature range shortens the service life drastically. The 1.3 K/W Kühligel® HX40P by SEPA EUROPE has a statistical service life of 210000 h (MTTF) at 40°C, in other words approx. 24 years.

The unusual rotor geometry brings the axial fan LF40P immediately to mind. With the distinctive blade cut compared with the conventional rotor blades a significantly lower noise level is achieved with simultaneous higher air performance. The current model is equipped with the SEPA MagFix® bearing, a tacho output for monitoring purposes and a PWM input that can set the speed according to the requirements. The axial fan LF40P is available in 5V and 12V and has an extremely low noise level.

The chip cooler HX40P achieves excellent results not only for LEDs. It can also be used in diverse embedded applications, e.g. image processing and automation.