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Radial Fan LY60B – merely 12.5 mm high but unbelievably powerful

The demands on thermal management in electronic components are continuously increasing and their cooling remains a key challenge. The new LY60B radial fan by SEPA EUROPE comes at exactly the right time. It operates reliably wherever power is required and space is limited.

The newcomer of SEPA EUROPE is an excellent cooler for flat housings or for blowing onto fine meshed heat sinks (processor cooling). It conveys up to 11m3 air per hour with up to 110 Pa pressure in extreme cases.

The LY60B blower with air intake on both sides is available in 5V and 12V. All models have a tacho output and the 5V version also has a PWM input. The most significant features of this fan are its reliability and durability – thanks to the tried-and-tested MagFix® bearing system its service life expectancy at °C is an impressive 210 000 h.

A further outstanding feature is the ingress protection (IP).  As the PCB has a protective finish, the LY60B can be supplied with IP 55. As specialists for customized electronics cooling with over 30 years of experience, we would be pleased to provide you with a customized fan solution.