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Practice-oriented introduction to electronic and component cooling

Heinrich Cap, Managing Director of SEPA EUROPE GmbH, has recorded his experience accumulated over many years in the field of fans and thermal management in this book.

It is intended as a tool for electronics designers and design engineers. Based on the known principles of electrical engineering and electronics, it conveys the problems involved in the cooling of electronics, in particular of component cooling to the reader in a manner that allows results to be achieved through relatively simple calculations or models or by providing parameters that are essential for simulation purposes.

"To ensure smooth running – comparison of fan bearing systems"

Modern sleeve bearings render the use of ball bearings superfluous. This is just one of many old wives’ tales that are circulating on the market. The fact is that a bearing system in fans determines to a large extent their reliability and service life which is why the planned use, environmental conditions, susceptibility to error, costs and risks must be carefully weighted against each other.