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Renewable Energy

Fans used in systems for converting regenerative energy by SEPA EUROPE

Renewable energy, e.g. sun, wind and hydropower are needed to cover the increasing amount of electrical and thermal energy that is urgently required. Politics and society have long since come to the conclusion that fossil energy carriers and atomic energy are not sustainable in the long run. For this reason, an entire industrial sector has formed over the past years dealing with the transformation and storage of these types of energy.

Collected direct current must be converted to alternating current. Thermal energy must be transported and stored and also the market for storing electricity has grown since the feed-in remuneration has changed.

Many technical systems that are associated with the above-mentioned conversion and storage, employ various types of fans in order to dissipate power loss or to air condition measuring devices.

The fans of SEPA EUROPE operate highly efficiently and thus waste as little as possible of the precious electrical energy resources that are so valuable for our modern information society.


Products for renewable energy: