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Studio Equipment

Fans used in studio technology by SEPA EUROPE

Technology for studio applications plays an important role where audio and video signals are transmitted and processed. The performance has developed tremendously over the past 20 years. The digitalisation process of all data is vital for further processing as not only the radio and TV but also streaming rely on digital transmission and are thus loss-free. In addition to computing power-intensive digitisation, there are many other applications whose reliable functioning depends on effective thermal management.

A high degree of reliability is without doubt one of the specific requirements with regard to fans that are employed in studio equipment. SEPA EUROPE offers fans that function dependably for many years even in critical applications. Interfering noises must be kept at a minimum. This means that due care must be given to the design of the cooling solution. A speed regulation via the input voltage or a PWM input is particularly advisable. The maxim is: cool as good as required with speed and flowrate as low as possible.

Products for studio equipment: